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Build a robust foundation of Spanish

Private lessons for beginners over 50. We cover all the bases with a step-by-step program and measurable progress.
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Before I started with Alejandro I knew a little Spanish but no way could I hold down a conversation in Spain. 

Last month in Andalusia I invited two Spanish friends for a beer, and I conversed with them for over an hour in Spanish! That felt amazing! Many thanks Alejandro for bringing out the Spanish speaker in me!
Alejandro is absolutely the best. Extremely knowledgeable and tech-savvy. 

He cares about his students and makes sure you are constantly learning.

If you're looking for the best go no further and choose Alejandro.
I have studied Spanish with Alejandro for years and he is by far the most patient, organized, and personable instructor I've ever had.

He guided me through personalized lessons tailored to my skills, abilities, and interests. Throughout our time together, Alejandro was able to balance encouragement and correction in a way that inspired my learning.

He was dedicated to helping me find the exact words to express what I wanted to say and was always available for questions no matter how small.
I've taken classes with Alejandro for 4 years and he's an amazing teacher

He's always prepared and on time. He prepares a document with what I've to do before each class, like reading an article, listening to a podcast or writing an essay about a topic I chose.

After the lesson, he sends me a Quizlet set to review the corrections of the session. I highly recommend him!
Alejandro is an excellent and gifted professor! He is knowledgeable, patient, dependable and creative with his lessons. 

Alejandro makes learning Spanish fun and is able to create a safe atmosphere that encourages you to feel comfortable speaking.
I highly recommend Alejandro for anyone who is serious about improving their level of Spanish. One impressive thing about Alejandro is that he is very systematic and methodical. He thinks in depth about little details that will move a student's progress. 

You will not find a teacher who is more nuanced in his/her attention to the intricacies of language acquisition.
I have had many Spanish tutors over the past few years but I must admit Alejandro was the best of the best. His clear pronunciation, preparation for clases, not disturbing you while talking even when making lots of mistakes, patience…  

He is a professional with the feel of your best friend, I can completely recommend him as a Spanish professor! Thanks for the great lessons.
This course and the instructor, Alejandro, are awesome!  

My Spanish speaking, writing, and overall comprehension have really improved. 

The course material is high quality and follows a logical progression for language learning. You can count on Alejandro to help you reach your language goals!
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 ¡Hola! I'm Alejandro

I was born in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, and I've been tutoring online for 7 years, working 1-to-1 with over 300 students and teaching over 6,000 lessons.

When working with beginners, I saw a few challenges:

  1. They were overwhelmed by the infinite amount of resources available.
  2. The promises of fluency in weeks or months pushed by gurus and products led them to frustration and false expectations.
  3. They were scattered using many different apps, podcasts, books, YouTube channels... There was no cohesion in their learning.

After experiencing first-hand how much providing them with a structured and rigorous approach helped their progress, confidence and motivation, I set out the mission to develop my own online learning program to help you build a robust foundation of the language.

I strongly believe that a good start is half the battle.

¡Nos vemos en clase!

Portrait of Alejandro
Founder of KeySpanish
Want to hear my Spanish accent?


Hola, me llamo Alejandro. Nací en Palma de Mallorca, España, y tengo 30 años.

También he vivido en Madrid y en Cáceres, Extremadura, también en España. Enseño español a extranjeros desde hace ya seis años.

Me gusta mucho la tecnología y también soy aficionado al baloncesto.

Es un placer conoceros. Y nos vemos en clase.


Hello, my name is Alejandro. I was born in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, and I am 30 years old.

I have also lived in Madrid and in Cáceres, Extremadura, also in Spain. I have been teaching Spanish to foreigners for six years now.

I really like technology and I am also a basketball fan.

It's a pleasure to meet you. And see you in class.




What makes my lessons different?

1. Clarity in your learning journey

Step-by-step program
There are too many resources and approaches. As a beginner, you’re overwhelmed, and your learning is scattered. Our lessons will follow a sequential program where each lesson builds upon the previous one to maximize your learning. You’ll always know where you are and what to focus on next.

You can access the Syllabus entering your email below.
Descarga de plan curricular - Tutorías

2. Covering all the bases

We’ll focus on communication and getting you to speak, but to achieve that, you need a well-rounded learning experience where no stone is left unturned.
And more
You'll master the most relevant and frequent vocabulary, the one that's used by Spaniards in real life. 

And Instead of just memorizing list of words, you'll learn it in context. For example, when learning about food, we'll work with a video tour of a Spanish supermarket or read an article about the Mediterranean diet.
Video in a supermarket and a magazine article.
You’ll master the most important aspects of Spanish grammar, so you have a solid understanding of the logic of the language, which will start to make sense.
Difficult structure slide
We’ll pay special attention to structures that are particularly challenging to English-speakers, like object pronouns, the use of ser and estar or the verb gustar.
To communicate effectively with native speakers, it's important to not only have a strong grasp of vocabulary and grammar, but also to have proper pronunciation. That's why you will also learn to articulate the key sounds of Spanish.
Vowel chart
Learning a language is about immersing in a new culture. Therefore, it’s important that you learn the way Spanish-speakers see the world. In our lessons, you’ll gain cultural insights and also question common stereotypes, like 'los toros' or 'la siesta'.
Bullfighting support chart
Aside from lingüístic contents, I'll equip you with the best learning strategies, tools and resources to make the most of your own study time and take your Spanish to the next level once we complete our program.
Resources to use after the lessons
We’ll pay special attention to structures that are particularly challenging to English-speakers, like object pronouns, the use of ser and estar or the verb gustar.
You'll learn proper spelling, like accent marks or the correspondence between certain sounds and letter.
Spelling rules
Throughout units you’ll have the opportunity to share something with the community: a written text, a link to a short audio recording, a podcast or even a video.

With these activities you can put into practice what you have learned, and see what other students share. Our community is the perfect place to learn from other like-minded learners.

On top of that, our teachers will provide feedback on your projects, so you can get a sense of your skills and pinpoint areas of improvement.
Community post
After working together through the beginner's program you'll:
Master the fundamental structures and grammar of Spanish. Emphasizing effective communication.
Command the 1000 most common words, and integrate them into natural combinations and context.
Have a keen understanding of the vital aspects of Spanish pronunciation so you can speak with confidence and authenticity.
Gain insights into traditions, nuances and cultural gems that make the Spanish language come alive.
Uncover your unique learning style, along with the most effective tools and strategies so you can take your Spanish to the next level.
Alejandro making a hand gesture.
How long will this take?
36 lessons | ~ 4 months
This is the standard duration of the beginner's program when taking 2 weekly lessons. This can change according to your starting point (which we'll determine in our first lesson) and your rate of progress.

3. Measurable progress

Where you are, what to review, what to focus on next
The following will provide you a clear sense of progress:
Reinforcement activities
After each lesson you'll have a set of activities with immediate feedback to ensure you've understood the content.
Mastery checks
At the end of each unit, you'll do a thorough written assessment to pinpoint any gaps in your knowledge.
Speaking assessments
When completing 3 units, we'll perform a detailed speaking assessment to ensure you can put into practice all the skills, vocabulary and grammar we've worked on.
Mastery check
Resources to use after the lessons
After the lessons
Go deeper into your learning with access to these resources on your own time:
Solidify what we covered with engaging writing, speaking, reading and listening activities.
Review new vocabulary and corrections from our lesson so you never forget them.
Audio program
Take your learning anywhere with audio lessons recorded by Luis and I, both native teachers from Spain.
Summary sheets
See the key contents of the each unit at a glance to make sure there are no gaps in your knowledge.
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5-week Spanish Dive

2 weekly lessons within 5 weeks.
Enrollment ends 
What you get:
10 private lessons with me (1 hour each)
All materials included
Detailed homework for each lesson
As a bonus:
Flashcards to review the notes of each session
Mastery checks at the end of each unit
Thorough speaking assessment after each dive
Audio lessons to keep learning anytime, anywhere
24/7 email support
Total payment: €397
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Start with a free trial lesson
You need to commit to 2 weekly lessons for the 5-week period, scheduled in advance.
If we start from scratch, we'll complete the beginner's course in 4 dives, that is 36 lessons in 4 and a half months.

I'm only happy if you're happy

There's no risk in investing in your Spanish with me. 

If after your first lesson of the 5-week dive you're not satisfied, I'll refund you not only the remaining lessons, but also the session we did!

Based on my experience with hundreds of students, I'm sure that won't be the case!

See our Terms & conditions for more details.

Alejandro with a guarantee stamp.



Getting started

1. Apply
2. Book your trial
3. Start learning
Fill in a short application (less than 2 minutes) to make sure we're a good fit.
Alejandro with a questionnaire
I help English speakers over 50 who are taking their first steps in the language and are ready to take their learning seriously.
Find a time that works for you in an easy-to-use booking page that displays my open slots in your time zone.
Booking page
You'll get a link to join the class on Google Meet (no downloads required) at your chosen time. Then, we'll enjoy our first lesson, diving into your needs and going over any questions you may have.
Videocall with Alejandro
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Questions & answers


Lessons & methodology

After finding a slot in our booking system, you will join the class in Google Meet (a free video conferencing software, no installation required). During the lesson, we'll first get to know each other, I will dive into your specific needs to better understand how to help you, and together we will discuss an action plan on how to best move forward.

If you already have some experience with Spanish, I'll do a rough assessment of your level to determine what's the best starting point in our program for beginners.

I’m from Spain and therefore I speak and teach European Spanish, also referred to as Castilian Spanish. Being from Mallorca, I speak the standard Spanish you can hear in most media.

Also, the cultural insights of the program will focus on Spain and its people.

No, everything is included. You'll have access to a learning platform with the lessons, homework and much more. Just bring your enthusiasm and joy for learning!

Yes! I focus on this age group for three reasons:

1. Mindset: Your life experience has given you the wisdom that hard things, like learning a new language, require commitment and effort. You’re not naive.

In addition, you appreciate a sequential, structured program instead of the more casual and gamified approach preferred by younger learners.

2. Commitment: To make progress it’s essential that you work on your Spanish outside our lessons, that’s why I assign a variety of exercises to reinforce what you’ve learned, as well as books, podcast and videos to immerse in Spanish.

As a mature learner, you might be retired or in a later stage of your professional life and therefore have the time (and commitment!) to practice your Spanish.

3. Personal chemistry: Reflecting upon my experience working 1-on-1 with over 300 students, I’m the best version of myself when working with people over 50. Your enthusiasm and love for learning is infectious!

Absolutely! We’ll follow a program that starts from scratch. It’s perfect for you if you’re new to Spanish. And if you already know the basics, we can start a couple of units ahead.

If you just know some basics, then we can start the beginner’s program a couple of units ahead. In the trial lesson, I’ll assess your level to determine where best to start. However, if you’re at an intermediate or advanced level, my lessons are not the right fit.


Scheduling & tools

Each lesson is one hour-long, or if I have back-to-back sessions, 55 minutes.

My working hours are from 12:00 to 20:00 Spain time (6 AM to 2 PM EST), from Monday to Sunday. In our booking page, you’ll see my availability and open slots in your time zone.

Yes, I like to work only with students I can truly help with their goals. In my experience, this cadence of lessons is what leads to the best results. If you can't commit to that, you can check our self-paced online course for beginners.

I ask students to schedule in advance their lessons for the 6-week period. However, the times and days don’t have to be the same week to week. And if something comes up, you can reschedule a lesson with 24-hours in advance.

We can discuss the scheduling details in our first lesson.

You just need a stable internet connection, a computer with a microphone and a webcam, and a browser to use Google Meet.


Pricing & payments

Yes! Prices are in EUR but you can pay in any currency.

Within a maximum of 24 hours (usually within a few hours), I’ll sent you a coupon code with 12 lesson credits that you can redeem in our booking page.

I only provide the option of the 12 lesson package for the 6-week Dive, as this commitment lends the best results. And there's no risk, if you're not satisfied after you first lesson, I'll refund you the full amount, including the session we did!

Yes! There's no risk in investing in your Spanish with me.

If after your first lesson of the 6-week dive you're not satisfied, I'll refund you not only the remaining lessons, but also the session we did!

But based on my experience with hundreds of students, I'm sure that won't be the case!



Have other questions?

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I am here to help
If you’re still on the fence, I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.